How To Get Free Microsoft Points Codes

How To Get Free Microsoft Points. Well, there are a few different options out there to get Free Microsoft Points Codes but this is the only one that is guaranteed to work. Unlike most sites that promise Free Microsoft Points Codes for doing nothing. This site actually helps you get/ earn Free Microsoft Points in a matter of hours. And, you can do it completely free!

The first thing that I would recommend trying to get your free wii points is downloading the file below. I have provided a few codes that I have received and have uploaded them to give you a chance to upload them for you to download. These are a few codes that I got myself and am sharing with you. If the codes don't work, either download the file again another day, or continue reading down below here to get the codes yourself the same way that I do it.

Download the file here!

Last Updated: June 5th 2011 (note that the codes are usually still available for 3 or 4 days after being updated!)
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Is Getting Free Microsoft Points Codes Legal?

The very simple answer to that is Yes. The way it works is Rewards1 (the site that gives these Free Microsoft Points Codes) gets paid by advertisers to get people to view there ads (offers). Then they turn around pay you a huge portion of what they make to you view these ads. And you use that money to get your Free Microsoft Points Codes, Free Xbox Live Codes or what ever else you want from

Is There Any Proof That I Can Get Free Microsoft Points From Here?

Of coarse there is check out my Proof Of Prizes Page to view a few of the many prizes earned. One of the pictures is of my first Free Microsoft Points Codes that I got from this site. If you want you can sign up confirm email and ask some of the users in there chatbox who this site has worked for (you will be amazed at some of the responses). You can also have a dollar sent to you as proof that this site works.

So What's The Fastest Way To Get Your Free Microsoft Points?

We will walk you through the entire process. It is very simple to do,but just in case you need a little help we will list all the steps it will take to get your Free Microsoft Points Codes. Also make sure you do the steps in the order we show you to make sure you get you Free Microsoft Points Codes as soon as possible. Also make sure to read all the steps before you start.

Getting Started

Step 1: Complete Your Free Signup

Create an account here! When you sign up they ask for basic information like every every other site out there. But make sure you use real info because that is how they get your Free Microsoft Points Code to you

** Make sure to verify your email to get 250 Free Bonus Points and more information on whow to get your Free Microsoft Points Code More easily.** Step 2 Earn Free Points

Doing a free offer takes only a minute or two. And it takes surprisingly few offers to get enough for Free Microsoft Points Codes. My first code took me about 10 offers to get it

Get Your Free Microsoft Points Codes

Get Prizes!With out a doubt this is definitely everybody's favorite step. Once you have enough for your Free Microsoft Points Code, just click spend points, then choose from a 1600 or 4000 Free Microsoft Points Codes, or whatever else you might want from And they will send it to you.

That's it! That is all there is to learning how to get Free Microsoft Points Codes.